Top 5 Tips for new record buyers

Plates' Top 5 Tips for new record buyers: Digging

New to the world of records…?

We've put together a definitive guide for anyone new to the craft and looking for information on discovering and playing records. We will be covering a new topic each week from the art of digging, to calibrating your listening setup or storing your records; keep an eye online for what’s coming next!


Whilst most shopping is done online these days, physical record shops are your friend when it comes to finding inspiration or discovering something new. It is distinctly different from browsing from the comfort of your own computer.

Here’s our top 5 run down of how to get the most from your record digging experience..


1. Let your senses guide you

Exploring with an open mind and attitude is important.Whilst it’s cool to go in looking for something you know you want, allowing yourself to drift naturally towards things that grab your attention can be very rewarding.


2. Ask to dig in the “out of bounds areas”

Less people have dug here, higher chance of finding rare/obscure records. 

[[Also fun/potentially damaging to health]]


3. Meet people

Music lovers can share their passion for music in forums online these days, but there’s for no substitute for those “record shop moments”, when you first heard a track and fell in love with it from the other side of the counter! Similarly, some of the best collaborations and ideas have been cooked up under the influence of wax, so make sure you speak to fellow diggers in store and share your passion for music.


4. Sampling

Sampling breaks down barriers of genre and taste by taking sounds out of context and reworking them into new pieces of music. Much like the record shop experience; this process allows people to experience things that they may have previously dismissed- which is integral to the evolution and creativity of music. Get stuck into any ‘bargain’ sections and leave no plate unturned!

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5. Build the community

Most good record shops want to build a community and a “vibe” in their store. People are instrumental in making this happen – so we always encourage music heads to use our space to their benefit. Even if it is just somewhere to link up and have fun, create the vibe you’re looking for, the rest will develop naturally.


Written by Nick Strang / Doodles by Tom Towle