What is a dubplate?

A dubplate is a disc varying from 7 inches up to 16 inches used in mastering studios for quality control and test recordings before the final master, and subsequent pressing of the record to be mass produced on vinyl.

Although called “acetates” the plates are actually round discs of aluminium coated in black nitrocellulose lacquer, containing no acetate at all!

Dubplates allow durable recordings to be made (lasting 90% as long as pressed vinyl) and are more suited to cases where no release is imminent, or the release date is a long way away.

Plates Studio Philosophy

We believe strongly in cutting dubs on original acetate, something which cannot be simplified to a desktop-style setup or replicated with another material.

Acetate sound quality is unrivalled for dubs and its shorter life span is a historic reminder of the exclusive nature of these discs. Your dubplate selections should be made accordingly.

We are NOT pvc cutters, “everlasting” vinyl dubplate cutters or “vinyl carvers

Gear List

  • Hand built, fully soundproofed studio
  • Scully Lathe + custom built controls
  • Presto Cutter Head
  • Original full Neumann control desk
  • Neumann amp racks, compressors and de-essers
  • Quested S7R near field reference monitors
  • High quality custom built rack mounted pre amp
  • Increased acoustic insulation + another wall + door!