Joff from 'Truth & Lies' lays down thumping tribal vibes and chilled worldly beats.

South Jack Street (Kate & Jacob) gave us this fruitful eclectic mix.

Late Night Wax in the mix, turning two hours of deep and pounding House & Techno. The boys are set to take over Red Bar 29/4/17 for a Late Night session. Don't miss out.

Missy has been getting down with Eric Lau and repping the music of Soulection & Stones Throw. Used to tearing it on CDJs Missy gave us this exclusive all vinyl mix.

Dig in to 90 minutes of House & Disco with Mr Wilson from the Angel Microbrewery – where Plates now host every second saturday.

Citrus Penguin squirts out some chilled acidic vibes.

Broadstrokes One of the latest additions to the Brownswood Future Bubblers, lays down two hours of classics and obscurities from across the spectrum.

Ells 101, Original Plates graduate, dropped in for a 90 minute mix of Techno, Acid House and Detroit House.

Tom brings you 90 minutes of upbeat rhythms, featuring tracks from Money$ex Records, Three Chairs and Magic Wire.

Rich Dundas of I OWN YOU Records dropped by and gave us a self-described 'ill-advised and whimsical mix of forgotten favourites'.

DJ Daddio dropped in for an evening of fine dining, grinding rhythms and incredible 45 adapters.

Kate Webb brings us an hour of Techno, Electro & Nu Wave in this exclusive mix. Recorded: 30/08/2016.

Flamingods dropped in to share some exotic tunes with us, after a mind melting set at the Malt Cross.

Guohan digger and beatmaker of Three Body Trio dropped in to the store to give us a selection.

Cecil Chamberlain dropped in ahead of his appearance at the Malt Cross Festival, good vibes beats from across the Globe.

Black Limelight the rogue selector paid us a visit. Tune in for 90 minutes of twisted bliss.

Plates Residents Nick and Tom take you through a blend of local and distant sounds.