Palo Alto

Palo Alto – Songs for the Numb Mob

We don't stock many tapes here at Plates, especially not new ones, but one that we had to get hold of was this one from Palo Alto.

"Echoes of forgotten soundtracks an d decaying melodies…"

Songs for the Numb Mob combines an ambient world of shapes and shadows with playful dystopian pop. Oppressive drones cling to stuttering drum machines and saturated synthesisers intertwine with warped 1950s vocal samples to form a gritty, nostalgic aesthetic. A twisted depiction of the future produced in the past, Songs for the Numb Mob shines a flickering light on the familiar and alien.

Find 'Songs for the Numb Mob' in our tape selection in-store, next to the boombox which acts as a listening deck.

Or you can order yours HERE