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Wigflex Basement Sessions

Amongst many other occasional visitors of Wigflex, a club night that needs no introduction to Nottingham though this one of theirs was new for everyone; it was the launch of their new project, situated in an underground bar across the road from Nottingham’s Rock City, Red Bar. Outside shouts nothing hot topic, one of those minimal black doors with red light signs on the grey wall, appropriately suited for the event’s project name ‘basement sessions’. Aside that, Lukas Wigflex, the club night’s born parent and resident for 10 years, from 10 feet away already had us invited into the dungeons of craic where at the entrance stood a very special feature; an appearance from Barry Cob. Barry’s one of the Wigflex monsters and what could be a rather large cob wrapped in foil, if you have ever been to one of Midland’s leading underground nights on a New Year or Birthday, you’re certain to recognise this signature piece.

Straight down the stairs into Davy Jones’s locker, redeemed to have a lot more space than pre-imagined. It continued to be dark and red and with a swift walk about the place, me and my red headed companion soon came to discover a pathway aside the dancefloor, leading to an entrance consisting of shiny pink door hangings where just beyond, you’d find yourself making friends with glow in the dark jelly fish (courteous of the Wigflex curator).

We arrived close to the beginning of the night, where Malebox was on with the deep feelers with his rich aery grooves whilst the room rapidly filled. Next was Lukas, thoroughly in complete trust when this guy has the reins, after all he is the life and soul of the party and is the one who feeds us the bread. Then we had the main man of the hours, Space Dimension Controller, Live. I was intrigued to see the Irish spaceman as a fan of R&S and Clone, he surely served the butter on the bread which I enjoyed, though I was anticipating something a bit more complicated in rhythm with a couple of battlecruiser effects, but I wouldn’t at all say that it wasn’t proving expectations to the dancers of the night.

Meanwhile SDC was on, I bumped into Croft (Jack Wright) who had his own LIVE set to perform immediately after the headliner from the land of black stuff. Croft was excited to be showcasing most of his own work, and it was impressive to say the least, putting the jam on the bread and butter, a soon to be Graduate, Croft shone his talent as if he was doing his regular job for a major label night. But this is how it can all start and the rate Croft was going at on this particular night, more than few are convinced there’s potential that he’ll be abducted.

Having already been on the game throughout the day, sunrise was approaching but I had to catch one of Nottingham’s most committed ex-students to the scene, Cammy. He was on closing duties which resulted in secure support from the fellow Wigflex clan, rolling techno and tech house from his own experience of clubbing around Europe at its finest yet on its own planet. 

So all in all, I can’t deny that we were satisfied and that we'd attended another session of “sloppy swarpers”; the usual lasting impression.

Written by Kate Webb [Sunday 30th April 2017]