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IMYRMIND talks his new LP 'Uniwersum Luxus' & Money$ex Records.

For a label coming out of Berlin, it might come as a surprise that these guys have little occupation in the homegrown techno scene. Money$ex, by choice, pushes a very different sound aesthetic, spinning out a balance of danceable and ambient takes on hip hop, house, funk and jazz. The tracks are experimental with a laid back approach, often just as “ruff” as they are uplifting.

Fresh from our visit to OYE records, the main outlet for the label in Berlin , we have stocked up on all of their releases and linked up as a UK connection with exclusive deals and products. We are kicking off our label features series with these guys; so make sure you keep an eye on our online channels as well as the shop itself to grab some exclusives!

We Caught up with Imyrmind of Money$ex Records to find out more about Money$ex, and his new album 'Uniwersum Luxus' now available HERE.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in a town called Bochum, right in a big industrial district called the Ruhr area and moved to Berlin about three years ago. I’m getting my masters degree in architecture here.

How did you get involved with Glenn Astro/Money $ex crew? What were your first impressions?

Me and Glenn go way back, we’ve been friends for round about 10 years now. We got to know each other through music, when a mutual friend showed us each other’s work, we started to hang and became friends quite quickly. It was a very natural progress really, just like with Max and the whole Box aus Holz crew some years later. Glenn showed me some of Max Graef's music, and when we had our first gig there with the odd socks guys (s/o!!) for the KDIM EP we met with him at OYE and got to know the rest of the gang. There was a personal connection right away, thats more or less the whole love story in a nut shell.

How would you describe your music?

I’d rather leave this to others. I’m just fooling around, it’s very session-based and I don’t really think about it that much. I’m really into programming drums and the rhythmic side of things I guess.

What are your influences?

My friends in the first place for sure, they introduce me to new music and have a really inspiring view on it too, they make me grow musically. Apart from them, it’s the obvious stuff: booze & gangsta-rap.

Tell us about your forthcoming LP

I believe it’s different from the stuff people heard from me so far, a little harder than usual in some places, plus there’s some really weird passages with experiments in there too that may have the potential to get on your nerves haha

Favourite record shop in Berlin?

Gotta say OYE!

What can we expect from an IMYRMIND DJ set or live show?

I never know myself to be honest, at some point there will definitely be some weird shit going on bruh !!

Tell us an interesting fact about you or one of the Money$ex crew!

Alex Seidel taught himself how to play the clarinet recently. damn.