Features-Top 10 2016 Dance

Our Top 10 Dance Records of 2016

A tonne of new dance records have passed through our hands this year. We've considered the best of them and put together a list of those that had the greatest impact on us. So in no particular order:

Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways: Joshua Calling EP
[Leftback Records]

A split release from the Leftback co-operative. Track 1 'Hallam' gets a lot of plays form us and has a feature in Matthew Dear's new DJ Kicks selection. Minimal Techno at it's finest.

Phineus II ‎– The Dreamcatcher EP

Long-awaited second release on Sheffield's own 'Lucky Muffin Records' [Sub label of Green Bay Wax]. Phineus II brings the pure twisted hardcore vibes across the 4-tracker, stand-out "Plates pick" is 'Any Dubplate' [predictably] but the whole ep is fire!

Marc Mac ‎– Extend The Knowledge

One from a series of four records from Marc Mac that highlight the struggle of the civil rights movement. This sample based album Blends Hip Hop, Soul and spoken word. Stand out track for us 'The Freedom Clap'.

Various Artists ‎– Groove Booty Four
[Chord Marauders]

A pioneering Dubstep compilation featuring tracks from the likes of Congi, Geode, K-Lone and many more. Each track pushes the tempo in to unchartered territory. Lots of Deep jazzy breaks. One of only 2 local releases to make it on to the list. If you want a taste, check out 'Congi, Geode & B9 – Scrumpy'.

Green Bay Wax – Black Label 002

From a series of secretive Green Bay Wax releases that do not feature any artist or song names, or even when they're from. It will be a thing of myth and lore who made them where and when!!

Lewis Parker ‎– Shark

Originally released in 2012, 'Shark' had been going for silly money online before the decision to reissue by general good people; King Underground this year. Classic ep from one of the UKs leading underground hip hop mc's. 

Kid Lib ‎– Massiv 03
[Myor Massiv]

Killer jungle from the GBW don, Kid Lib - crusty amens and Mortal Combat samples - nuff said! Plates Pick: 'Test your might'


Floorplan ‎– Music / Tell You No Lie

Taken from the forthcoming album "Victorious", Floorplan (AKA Robert Hood) makes great use of Brainstom's disco hit 'Lovin is really my game' in 'Tell You No Lie'.

Earl Grey (3) ‎– Dorsiflexsion / Karmic Sprain
[Inperspective Records]

Wintery breakbeat vibes from chief drum slicer, Earl Grey. Impeccable drum programming and carefully chosen film samples create a unique modern take on the jungle sound. Plates Pick: 'Karmic Sprain'.

Hidden Spheres ‎– Well Well
[Rhythm Section International]

Rhythm Section have really broken through this year with a swell of releases. This one from Hidden Spheres topped it for us for 2016. Soulful, World inspired house from one of the best emerging labels in their field. The Title Track does it justice.