J4M records was a little-known hardcore label established 1991, in the unlikely Nottingham borough of Eastwood.

Whilst their presence was short lived [the label ceased operations in 1993], they played an important role in the developing rave scene both here and nationwide. They made their name locally as the first record label to release the music of local heroes Nebula 2 and DJ Keen [Bass Ballistics].

The label was run by an elusive ‘Tony’, original founder of ‘Just Grooves’ record shop, based in ‘Hurts Yard’, where now in infamous for where legend Rob has run his ‘record mart’ for over 30 years.

A small snapshot into this time and scene from Joe Shotter [1/2 of nebula 2], presents Nottingham as an important part of spreading it nationwide. Andrew Campbell [who now runs Kemet FM] was instrumental figure in distributing all early 90s hardcore and jungle records to the North of the UK and after releases on J4M; Nebula 2 were quickly picked up by Reinforced who re-released 12”s ‘Flatliners’ and other previously J4M originals.

Reinforced went to be on one of the most influential and respected jungle and hardcore labels, continuing to release new artists pushing the classic 90s sound today. Although Joe Shotter mentions that they never got any money from these ‘re-releases’[!] it helped them reach that audience and got them plenty of gigs and sales. 




Plates Presents: 
Guohan – Memories of 16 Cygni

Guohan of Three Body Trio, a revered digger and beat-maker, dropped in to the store to give us a selection of Jazz, World and Beats.


Plates Presents: 
Black Limelight – Something For No-one

We had a welcome visit from the rogue selector Black Limelight. Tune in for 90 minutes of twisted bliss.