Plates is home to the Midlands’ only commercial cutting lathe. Whether you’re a DJ, label, soundsystem or musician, we are here to provide dubplates of the highest quality.

Our custom Scully is one of less than 5 machines of its kind still operating in the UK- even more rare, is its working “double feed screw” a feature which allows mysterious “inside out” records to be cut… 


7"          up-to 4.5    [mins/side]            £35

10"        up-to 7        [mins/side]           £40

12"        up-to 10      [mins/side]            £60

[Subject to change with lacquer prices]

We accept all digital formats [wav recommended], CD, or vinyl/dubplate. We also offer restoration of old or damaged recordings – please ask for more info. 

Audio can be sent via wetransfer, given in person, or sent through the post.